Fox and Geese Museum

The Fox and Geese Museum details the results of a search for certain "interesting" values in Fox and Geese.  Some of the highlights of this search are listed below, along with a link to the complete museum.  The search was limited to positions that fit on a 14x8 board, so superlatives such as "only" and "all" are implicitly qualified with this restriction.  However, given the apparent regularity of Fox and Geese values on large boards, it seems unlikely that new "interesting" values will suddenly start to appear on larger boards.

To simplify the presentation we sometimes speak of the "atomic weight" of a non-infinitesimal game; this just means the atomic weight of its infinitesimal part (thus, for example, 4vv* has "atomic weight" -2).

Summary of Results

Here are some of the most interesting findings of the museum search:

The complete museum is available for download, but be aware that it is quite large!

Aaron Siegel
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