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Combinatorial Game Suite is an open-source program to aid research in combinatorial game theory.  Highlights of the software include:
  • Support for all standard operations on canonical forms of games, including temperature theory (cooling, heating, overheating, mean and temperature), Norton products, ordinal sums, atomic weights, thermal dissociation, and reduced canonical forms.
  • Graphical display of game positions and thermographs.
  • A full-featured scripting language, CGScript, for automating calculations and implementing rules to new games. (New to 1.0)
  • A redesigned user interface, built on top of the NetBeans platform. (New to 1.0)
  • A graphical game position editor and game tree browser.

A copy of Combinatorial Game Suite and installation instructions are available on the download page.

Combinatorial Game Suite is written in 100% Java.  Distributions are provided for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux systems. CGSuite is open-source, and source code is available; see the download page for details.

Combinatorial Game Suite was designed and developed by Aaron Siegel (  Michael Albert, Elwyn Berlekamp, Andy Cahill, Dan Hoey, Samson de Jager and David Wolfe have also contributed substantially to the project.  Hosting services are provided by Sourceforge.

Aaron Siegel
Last modified: 02 December 2011 09:56:32 PM